Welcome to Rustic Adornment! I am excited to share with you a little about who I am and what Rustic Adornment is all about. My name is Kati and I am from San Jose, California. Growing up on a family owned and operated apricot ranch, I spent a lot of time exploring the old barns, canyon and orchards on our property. I was surrounded by vintage equipment, crates, trays, and many other pieces that were necessary to the running of the ranch. I enjoyed many of the elements from the ranch especially the rustic wood that made up so much around me. My upbringing on the ranch instilled in me a love for all things farmhouse and rustic style.


While I could have just decorated my home in things that were farmhouse style, I inadvertently stumbled across another passion that I wasn’t even aware of! Mid-2010’s, I was privileged to be invited to help throw baby showers and bridal showers for close friends and family. It was through those events that I found out how much I enjoy making things by hand and creating decor for people. I wanted to create a business that would provide unique handcrafted wood decor that would brighten and delight my customers and bring rustic and farmhouse style to them. In 2017, I opened the doors and launched Rustic Adornment’s wedding decor product line: The Natural Elegance Collection.


However, in 2018, I experienced a personal tragedy with the unexpected loss of my father. This tragedy unfortunately impacted Rustic Adornment as I questioned my priorities, purpose, and direction of my business. Though 2018 and the first half of 2019 were challenging, I knew I quitting wasn’t the answer. I kept thinking of my passion for creating and making things for people. I kept focusing on the joy I felt when I made decor for friends and family. Little by little, I began to focus more and more on my motivation to make new and wonderful decor pieces for my customers, and as a result Rustic Adornment has been rebuilt! In this resurgence, Rustic Adornment will not only focus on wedding decor, but now home decor as well!

I knew I wanted to do work that was meaningful and would help bring rustic and farmhouse style charm to homes, weddings, and special events. Being able to create pieces just for you is a joy! My hope is that each handcrafted piece will fill your home or event with rustic farmhouse style and character.
~ Kati Rustic Adornment