Groom – Wooden Wedding Sign


Adorn the groom’s seat at the table with our rustic elegant Groom sign.


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Groom Seating Sign

Handmade Rustic Signs

Adorn the groom’s seat at the table with our rustic elegant Groom chair sign. This wedding sign comes with multiple hanging options to choose from. You can select jute rope for the ultimate rustic look or twine for a more simple rustic look. You can also opt to have just the D-hooks on the back giving you the ability to add your own ribbon or twine. The script font of our wedding sign provide a classy refinement to the sign and provide the perfect combination of rustic and elegant. If you choose the option to have only the D-hooks for the hanging of your sign, you will be able to use ribbon, lace, or burlap to hang your sign. This option allows you to tie in your wedding colors or material themes into your chair sign.  See our Bride Sign for the complete signs for your bridal party.

Your Wedding theme

Rustic handmade signs are the perfect wedding decoration to complement your rustic, farmhouse, woodland, country, or garden themed wedding. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, this sign will bring natural elegance to your wedding reception.

About the making of your product

Our handmade rustic sign for your groom is 100% handmade from pine. Each sign is stained using eco-friendly water-based stain and is finished with a water-based clear coat.  The sign lettering is hand-painted in acrylic paints.

How to Care for your product

All our signs are made from wood but are sealed with a clear coat to protect them. They will be fine for light outdoor use – such as your wedding or event – but they are not intended to remain outdoors for extended periods of time. To clean your sign, just use a cleaners that are marked as safe for wood and a duster.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 3.5 × .75 in

Jute (Shown), D Loop with Twine, D Loop Only, No Hanger


01-Paint-Red, 02-Paint-Orange, 03-Paint-Yellow, 04-Paint-Light Yellow, 05-Paint-Light Pink, 06-Paint-Light Purple, 07-Paint-Lavender, 08-Paint-Seafoam, 09-Paint-Sky Blue, 10-Paint-Olive Green, 11-Paint-Sage Green, 12-Paint-Light Blue, 13-Paint-Green Blue, 14-Paint-Teal, 15-Paint-Blue, 16-Paint-Royal Blue, 17-Paint-Navy Blue, 18-Paint-Black, 19-Paint-Charcoal, 20-Paint-White, 21-Paint-Gray, 22-Paint-Warm Gray, 23-Paint-Beige, 24-Paint-Cream, 25-Stain-Walnut, 26-Stain-Pine, 27-Stain-Rosewood, 28-Stain-Black, 29-Stain-Gray, 30-Stain-Light Pink, 31-Stain-Yellow, 32-Stain-Light Green


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